Finding your next role through Y Combinator

At YC, we want to help those who have been impacted by recent layoffs. As always, anyone is welcome to create a profile on Work at a Startup, which makes it simple to browse the 400+ YC companies that are well-funded and actively hiring, including larger ones like Segment, Brex and Instacart.

YC is also offering additional support to our extended YC community — including both former YC founders and former employees of YC companies, who might have been impacted by recent layoffs. We’ve added the following to Work at a Startup:

  • The option to indicate that you worked at a YC company,
  • 1-1 career advising and placement support with the YC team, and
  • Direct introductions to hiring managers, both at YC and non-YC companies.

YC companies on the platform are in a strong position to hire their next engineer, PM, designer, ops/sales person and more. We’re working to keep all the jobs on the platform up-to-date.

If you’re looking for your next role, please fill out a profile at; we’re here to help.

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